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What Invest Like The Street is All About
Our motto is simple:
We help people become better investors, entrepreneurs, and analysts using unconventional, yet ridiculously effective teaching methods and career strategies.

Whether it's trying to break into a hard-to-get dream career like investment banking through our Analyst Program ...

... Learning how to invest like a hedge fund manager in companies they wish they could buy

... Or helping grow your business

We're here to provide step-by-step, actionable guides that actually teach you something (unlike the rest of the internet).

We keep it simple, practical, and ridiculously effective.
About Todd Massedge
Invest Like the Street was founded by Todd Massedge, a former buy-side analyst turned teacher.

After seeing how complicated and confusing Wall Street purposely tries to make investing and how hard of a time students / recent grads have getting into Wall Street careers, he created Invest Like The Street to teach people the tricks and tactics Wall Street doesn't want you to know.